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Cambridges’ Department of Sociology

CGHR: Centre of Governance & Human Rights

CDH: Cambridge Digital Humanities


2022 Latin American Bureau: 'Brazil: mining destruction in the Amazon' 
2022 Latin American Bureau: 'Brazil: Mariana disaster victims get their day in court'
2022 British Sociology Association Network Magazine: Meet the PhD Profile

2021 LatAM Dialogue: 'Why the English-speaking world should take notice of Brazil’s #3JForaBolsonaro Movement'

2021 LatAM Dialogue Podcast (Guest speaker): 'Bolsonaro's, claims of election fraud'


Kissock-Mamede, T. (2023). Indigenous Live Streaming in Brazil: A methodological case for reflective distant witnessing. In T. M. Masenya (Ed.), Digital

Preservation and Documentation of Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems (1st ed., Vol. 1). IGI Global.

Kissock, T. (2020) Bolsonaro’s Congressional Cheerleaders in the Global Post-Truth Era: Demagoguery as communication, and YouTube as the tool. UCL: University College London. doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27059.96800/1.

Kissock-Mamede, T. (2024). The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Livestreaming as a dualistic tool for Indigenous rights witnessing in Brazil.

Kissock-Mamede, T. (2024). Non-Indigenous engagement: Participant observation in high cultural spaces


2023 Oslo Uni Human Rights Centre Researching indigenous rights and climate advocacy at synchronic distances.
2023 ESRC Cambridge Conference Video Data Analysis in future research: a cross-disciplinary approach.
2023 Queens College MCR Lecture Listening and engaging in Indigenous solidarity activism.
2023 NorDev Co-Creation Panel Horizontalizing indigenous methodologies at a distance.
2023 LSE Media Futures The problem of irreflexive media and tech, a framework for the future?
2023 University of Wisconsin Serious Play Conference: Indigenous live streaming in the fight against neo-colonialism.
2022 Brazil Bicentennial Conference Exploring Postulations of Brazil as a ‘Land of the Future."
2022 MIT Bearing Witness Conference The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Livestreaming for land rights in Brazil.
2022 PILAS Latin America Conference Huni Kuin Video Activism and the Limitation of livestreaming.
2021 Triangle: Human Rights Committee Presented my PhD video research and Indigenous land rights.


2023 Thesis write-up grant, University of Cambridge, Dept of Sociology

2022 Treglow Award Queens College, University of Cambridge

2022 Graduate Student Travel Fund Queens' College, University of Cambridge

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